welcome to star*sand

Star*sand is a cooperative database of information about Foraminifera and other Granuloreticulosea, both modern and fossil. Images and other information are provided by star*sand's team of contributors. Tools for searching star*sand resources, as well as other foram information available on the Internet, are under constant development. Contributions, comments, and suggestions for additional research tools are always welcome; contact the curator.

To use the star*sand research tools, click the "Using star*sand" link. To learn more about foraminiferans, or about the star*sand project, explore the other navigation links.

Star*sand is part of the micro*scope system of sites, which use a taxonomic data-mining system to search for information about protists. The initial announcement for the star*sand project appeared in the July 2005 issue of the Journal of Foraminiferal Research. Creating star*sand would not have been possible without the dozens of foraminiferologists, database managers, journal editors and Webmasters who have already devoted time, resources and expertise to the project; their contributions are gratefully acknowledged.