................... Science is useless unless it's shared, and most kids are born scientists. (What do you expect from a species that's asking "Why?" by the time they turn three?) We believe in getting people involved with science, no matter their age or experience level.

Lectures: We're available to talk to your class.

Forams on the Hudson: We collaborate with the crew of the Half Moon, an educational replica of the first European ship to explore the Hudson River. Half Moon student crewmembers have helped us find foraminifera living in the Hudson River estuary.

James Eights: A 19th century Albany native, he explored the Antarctic and described a number of new species. Our James Eights Resource Pages introduce you to this scholar and artist.


  About the Image: This Adelie penguin was photographed outside the Explorers Cove field site. Wild Adelie penguins are protected and cannot be interfered with in any way, so if they decide to explore the camp, they are permitted to do so. This one was fascinated by the camp's plastic flamingo.