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Certain information on Antarctic foraminifera contained in this site is based upon work supported by National Science Foundation grants DPP-8917375, OPP-9220146, OPP-9725830, OPP-0003639, ANT-0440769, ANT-0739583, ANT-0944646, and DBI-1062963. Other information about foraminiferal biology and benthic ecology were obtained during studies supported by National Science Foundation grant DEB-0445181. Dr. Andrew Gooday's participation in Antarctic foraminiferal research was supported in part by a NATO International Scientific Exchange Program Collaborative Research Grant. Our research on primary cilia was funded in part by fellowships and Grants-in-Aid awarded by the American Heart Association, New York State Affiliate.

Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed here are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation, NATO, the American Heart Association, the Wadsworth Center, the New York State Department of Health, The University at Albany, or any other institution(s) administering or otherwise associated with these research awards.

I thank the following individuals for their contributions to this web page: Dr. Stephen P. Alexander for expert advice on wildlife photography; Dr. Andrea Habura, Dr. William L. Stockton, Mr. George Silva, and Mr. Tim McEwen for advice on web issues; and Dr. Joan M. Bernhard, Mr. Robert L. Sanders, Dr. Andrea Habura, and Ms. Claudia Ricci for text and/or photographs. Dr. Conly L. Rieder, Dr. Denys Wheatley, Dr. C.A. (Tony) Poole, Dr. Cynthia Jensen, Dr. Robert Hard, and Dr. Rena Bizios constitute an international core of investigators that pioneered the modern era of research on primary cilia. I am forever grateful to them for fruitful discussions and encouragement. Dr. Andrea Habura, Dr. Stephen P. Alexander, Dr. Mark Cooper, Dr. Jeffery L. Travis, Dr. Andrew J. Gooday, Dr. Joan M. Bernhard, Dr. Neal Pollock, Mr. Robert Sanders, Mr. Douglas Coons, Dr. Jan Pawlowski, Dr. Sue Goldstein, Dr. Steven Hanes, Dr. Sergei Korsun, Dr. Roy Kinoshita, Mr. Lawrence Haywood, Mr. Phil Forte, Mr. Stephen Clabuesch, Ms. Claire Beynon, Mr. David Huang, Dr. Karen Sterling, Mr. Henry Kaiser, Ms. Cecilia Shin, Shawn Harper, and Mr. Gogi Gwardschaladse are the team of scientists and research divers who have participated in field research at Explorers Cove, Antarctica; this research constitutes an extension of projects pioneered by Drs. Ted E. DeLaca and William L. Stockton, for whom I am both indebted and damned for introducing me to Antarctic field research. We all owe thanks to the staff of the National Science Foundation, the pilots and crew of VXE-6 PHI, Inc., and the RPSC personnel who help maintain the Explorers Cove field camp. We are particularly thankful for the friendly support and technical expertise of Mr. Quentin Rhoton, Mr. John Wright, and Mr. Marty Reed for fashioning dive holes, and Mr. Rob Robbins, Mr. James Mastro, and Mr. Steve Rupp for managing scuba operations in Antarctica. The members of our dive team quite literally owe their lives to these exceptionally skilled professionals. I also thank our cadre of undergraduate and high-school research students, visiting teachers, and technicians, including Dawn Breault, Sarah Broderick, Daralyn Corbett, Mary Cosgrove, Matt and Brian Curley, Callie English, Hannah Giles, Colleen Hayden, and Laura Wegener Parfrey. Most importantly, I thank my family for their patience during the many months spent in Antarctica -- especially Ann Marie Dusza for her love and dedication, as well as her tolerance of my "other" passions in life.

This web site is dedicated to the memory of Professor Samuel M. McGee-Russell (Department of Biological Sciences, State University of New York at Albany). "Doc's" friendship and encouragement led directly to many of our studies. This site is also dedicated to the memory of Mrs. Julia Heath, who was afraid of bugs but nonetheless an enthusiastic supporter of the science pursuits of her "little devil" nephews. She is greatly missed by the Bowser family.

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